Raising the new generation of Highly Sensitive Children, and how to deal with authoritative dinosaurs.


This first blog post is a long one but it’s worth the read, it’s short story to be honest, so bear with me! Grab some popcorn or whatever healthy alternative you might prefer, and get comfortable..

Highly sensitive children, crystal children, indigo children, rainbow children, lightworker children, new age children.. They’ve been called all kinds of names over the years. There are theories about them in the spiritual community, and theories about them in the psychological community. One thing that everyone agrees on, whether you buy into the spiritual woowoo or not, is that there are noticeable differences that distinguish these children from other kids. Parents are seeing it, more and more teachers are seeing it, psychologists are seeing it. More and more we are seeing therapists pop up that specify in “HSP coaching” which is very encouraging, and long overdue.

PicsArt_06-17-03.11.24 Parents of highly sensitive children, are ironically often…

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