A Relationship is WHAT IT IS ~ In Love Land

The New Divine Humanity

A relationship is EXACTLY as ITS ENERGY is.

There is no such thing as repairing a relationship. Or attempting to FIX IT.

Every single relationship is PLAYING OUT as its UNIQUE Frequency IS.

When we let go of the BELIEFS that we need to fix something, change something, WE ENTER the Now Moment.

Each of us incarnated and we set up Our experiences through our Higher Self, Unique Frequency and Blueprint PLAN. That Plan is what WE ARE.

I walk down the street and I see the cars, the people as Light Frequencies…all interacting. That is the truth of reality ~ without any attachment to the external. It is, JUST IS.

Cars are the frequency of travel. A couch is a frequency of relaxation.


Same with people, same with relationships.

What seems like the perfect ONE ~ may BE then ~ and may NOT be…

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