Energies of Now: Deep Wellsprings and Light Houses

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Two years ago, I wrote a post called “I Build A Lighted House (and Therein I Dwell). The Energies of Now — and current ‘happenings’ in culture — make this a timely message once again. Here goes …

“I build a lighted house and therein dwell.”**

This is a musing on well-lit houses, inner (and outer) gardens, being refuge and/or refugee, among other things.

In a previous (2016) July letter, esoteric astrologer Phillip Lindsay shared the above ‘keynote’ for the archetype of the moon-ruled sign of Cancer, along with other powerfully insightful and inspiring observations  and reminders. In his current letter, Lindsay further explores these themes in light of more recent ‘headline news’.

(Thank you, Phillip. Kindred-spirit readers, you’ll find the links to Phillip’s full articles below — highly recommended inspiration!)

We’ve recently had this deep-Yin, Lunar and Liminal Cancerian wellspring stirred, as the Sun does its annual meander…

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