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with Soluntra King


At the Solstice, as the Starlines came through from the multiverses to anchor through the heart of the Earth, through us and back through the Mead Wall and return to the greater, greater, greater, greater, Greater Central Sun. Making a loop, creating Earth as its centre in the unified Light Matrix, able to hold and stabilise the harmony of the Starlines in union and balance with the multi-verses and the songlines of the Earth.
Anchored through us, the water codes and the Earth, the Incoming Souls holding the purity of Source now coming through and the Ancients ones have moved on. The whole fabric of creation has shifted into higher dimensions. A complete shift in the vibration through the collective consciousness, old paradigm, new paradigm equals one unified paradigm.
Bringing joy and light into souls who have never known it, uplifting the spirit. It is propelling those who are ready into the New Earth consciousness. A completion of so much, for some the end of the duality dance completely.
As we embodied it all through into our physical body and the cells, multi-dimensional fully present.


      I was excited about being at the Stargate for the Starlines to come through on the winter solstice as so much was happening so fast now. On the Golden Solar Disc day 28th May as the discs aligned more fully through us and the living library of light creation codes, it open a doorway for the incomings. Later that week on May 31st myself and a friend in Wales, who I do a lot of bigger picture work with; we discovered a film of energy that permeated right through the multiverses. That the reptilians had used, never to thinking it would be discovered, in their usual control agenda of humanity. Once it had been discovered and exposed a lot was cleared to their absolute horror.
A couple of days later I saw my friend Shelley, who works with the incomings and their preparation to arrive into a template of universal unity beyond distortion.  She was also aware of the universal interference that was illuminated and the resolution at these levels as the incomings lined up to birth in the purity and infiniteness of Source.
Before I was to drive to the southern end of Lake Taupo to meet the group on Saturday June 17th I got that not only would the Starlines be coming through us, as the Stargates and through the Stargate of Lake Taupo, but would then return back out through the hyper-dimensional doorway at Mead Wall on Mt Ruapehu and back to the greater, greater, greater, greater, Greater Central Sun that they had come from. Making a full circuit with us and our Earth right in the flow, linked so the unified light matrix could fully anchor and create the space for us to unify and come from the higher dimensional selves that we are in love and oneness. Facilitating the quickening through the Earth, the grids, the chakra points of the Earth, the water codes, the solar grids and light grids, with the Elementals in the harmonised resonance of the Starlines union.

As usual I was doing a million things and got out of the house late with someone else wanting to join us last second, but not possible as the group had already been connecting and on the inner soul travelling together.
I got to Taupo and picked up one of the group and we drove down the lake as the last of the sunset glowed soft magenta behind the clouds. We got to the lodge as others in the group were arriving. After I had settled in and greeted everyone I went for a hot soak, the first of many. Our lodge had private hot pools that were such a blessings as we started to prepare for the big event of the Starlines.

                                                      PREPARATION AND THROUGH

That night I had told everyone we were going on a soul travel to Mead Wall so I collected everyone as I went off to sleep and we did our work in the inner planes in preparation for our physical visit the next day.
Sunday June 18th
There were twelve of us and my unit was number 13, perfect, so everyone arrived in the morning as I needed to help everyone get clear and in the zone.
Connecting and going straight away into any pain of separation from the Source within to heal. Activating the chakras and light bodies and out of the loop of the old illusions and programs and into the universal flow, all bodies aligned through the physical body in divine will and plan.
Then into the soul travel we had experienced on the inner that night, as we came to the wall there were beautiful little people there who never normally show themselves. They were so happy we had come. The doorway was open and we moved through into a void, but not black but blue, still and peaceful, there was no gravity and we instantly felt free. Our body’s started to change their molecular structure and arrange themselves into a more balanced, harmonious composition of light frequencies that are now higher vibrational. So allowed us to be resilient and able to flow through density and gravity easily, as well as higher dimensional and hyper dimensional realms of creation.
We felt our Light Body strongly through the cells of our physical body, clear and radiant. As we were taken into the Councils of Light meeting about what was to occur at the Solstice, as the Starlines come through from the multiverses to anchor through the heart of the Earth, through us and back through the wall and return to the greater, greater, greater, greater, Greater Central Sun. Making a loop, creating Earth as its centre in the Light Matrix able to hold and stabilise the harmony of the Starlines in union and balance with the multi-verses. Not just the Milky Way our galaxy, but beyond the beyond multiverses all one. In the Council of Light we received what we needed energetically as a conduit for this to happen. Aware that the new higher dimensional Light Template was coming back with us as we come back into our awareness right here right now.
As we then did the Template of Liquid Light Transmission of DNA light and sound codes mandala and transmuted any imprints that until now had been part of the journey but now hindering, and any genetic splicing, implants and programs. As we surrendered one in the cosmic ocean being fully present in our body our body of light. Ready to drive up the mountain.

meadwall18june2    It was raining and with low clouds as we drove past Tongarrio and Ngauruhoe then up the road to Whakapapa on Mt Ruapehu, and to the end of the road carpark. The snow had come early this year and there was snow on the sides of the road and right in the valley that we walked around to get to Mead Wall. They had new ski lifts happening and mostly kids skiing in the beginners Happy Valley below. We rugged up and had all our rain weather gear on and walked up to the wall and sat at the doorway. The rain was relentless and the Elementals always help with the weather but they didn’t turn the rain off so I realised it was there for a reason, as one of the group said we needed that element, it also made everyone hold the energy regardless, which is important. The little people rejoiced in it, as we were working with the water codes as well and the Light Template that was anchored in the Solstice last year through the water and cosmic ocean was there in the ethers holding the liquid light plasma of the higher dimensional water as it gently rained on us.
Not far away on the wall was a young man abseiling and I spoke to him and ‘hoped we would not be distracting to him’ as he scaled the wall. He said ‘no’ and was part of it too. I and one of the group saw him shapeshifting on the wall.
I guided everyone into their Starlight Body one with the stars and the planets through us, through the Diamond Light Matrix, through the Heavens and Earth. Aware of being the holder of the Living Library of Light and the Light Template and New Sun. Open to our light being self, the goddess/god physically immortal, one body of light. As we also utilised the essences made from the wall at the March Equinox a d Solar Eclipse 2015.

     Cleanses imprints no longer required that have trapped us/you in patterns and programs that sabotage one’s life, physical body and energy bodies.
Through the doorway to Altair, ‘I am the still point of the spirit’ (the original star essence for Altair), now through Mead Wall the hyper-dimensional doorway. Taking you deeper through the imprinted codes to release them one by one as your Higher Self deems it. The essence allows the cleansing to take place.
   The ancient memories return, the cycle is complete. You reconnect to the time when your genetics were enslaved

deanne mead wall 18june

 to release the chains now. The essences of Draco through Mead Wall allows you to rejuvenate and bring in your Light Body codes that have been hidden and trapped.
Resurrection through the doorway that gave you limitations in your DNA and now opens you up to your unlimited DNA light codes as the lesson of control, fear and limitations are transformed through your acceptance and love of those aspects within.
Energy while in higher dimensions to sustain the physical body and the energy bodies so the adrenals and physical energy maintains homeostasis while dealing with higher dimensions.
  Clearing the meridians and energy flows. 
Activates the RNA and DNA receptors for the Light Body awakening, and opens the pathways of Light into dense cellular memory.

      We moved through the doorway aware of the molecular structure of our body’s rearranging, our body’s resilience and with inner strength ready for when the Starlines come through.

     After being in the state of allowing we came back to our awareness sitting on the rocks in the rain. When we were ready we went along the great stone wall and climbed up to see the side of the wall and its back a great solid wall of rock that went down to the ravine below.
On a sunny day you can see Mt Ngauruhoe from there and when you look out towards Whakapapa ski village over in the horizon you can see Mt Taranaki way over the western side of the North Island, but not today. We climbed down as it got dark and had dinner at the chateau café and back down the mountains to our lodge and the hot pools, as the most amazing way to end the day. Ready for our soul travel that night to the Stargate in Lake Taupo.


tara.lake19june     Monday June 19th. We left early and travelled up to the lake and stopped at a spot I had done so much connecting on different levels through the vortex, and the special island out in the lake always sparkling out with Mt Tahara way up to the top of the lake. The light ships, the ancient ones, the golden solar disc, the lake vortex so multi layered and of course the Stargate doorway, union of matter and spirit, form and non-form. We greeted the lake, the beings and all the divine energies as two black swans swam and then walked up to us.
Then we drove to my favourite vortex spot on Lake Taupo where we opened the Stargate in February 2014 and the Light Template anchored 2016for more preparation, so that we could be fully the Stargate we are and to clear the grids for the Starlines to come through.
I guided everyone with my connecting mudra then anchoring more fully through their kundalini and through the Earth’s kundalini. Aware of the DNA integration within them, the stillness and creation, God and Goddess and vortexing DNA spirals through the earth all one. With special sequencal breathing to be aware of the vortex and the fact that we are the guardians of the Earth and able to sing the Songlines through the Earth to where the energy needs to be repaired. As each of us sung in light language from our hearts and the great vortex point through the grids, clearing the way. As the clear energy was also brought back through the vortex of the lake the Stargate. Using the mandala and sounds codes of the ‘Transmuting the karma and programs for the DNA within and through the grids’.
In the break I showed everyone the mudra for moving beyond ones limitations into their unlimited self, I used it a lot back years ago and it helped a lot and had actually forgotten all about it until prodded by one of the group.
As we then spoke in light language from the level of ourselves in the Council of Light. I was aware it is a doorway of pure essences codes, that the ancient ones are moving on now, and that the Stargate is expressing the manifestation of the vastness of the void.
All the Star Tribes who have any connection with the Earth are here. Meanwhile with the group everyone was harmonizing beautifully, I handed out a silver envelope and in it were 11 roles that each one would choose for the mission as the Starlines come through. I was the overseeing of the project and then we had the ‘co-ordinator of the cycles’, the holographic harmoniser, the oracle/seer, the code keeper, the cosmologist, the crystal guardian, the cosmic messenger, the light energy technologist, the multiverse bridger, elemental systems co-ordinator and the ray balancer.
Everyone was happy with the role they choose, all equally important and necessary. As we looked at the Stargate mandala and sounds and went into the soul travel we had done that night.

stargate      The Stargate is not like a normal multi-dimensional doorway. It is a state of Being, you are the Stargate, the union of form and non –form which is within us as the conduit between heaven and earth.  As I guided everyone to be in non-form but in form through breathe awareness; out into the vastness, and then into the stillness and centre within. Allowing, transparent the nothing and everything, the Stargate, here through the Earth Stargate in the lake all one. As each of us meditated upon our roles in the Stargate.

Meanwhile I was also in contact with my friend Shelley who was assisting the incoming souls with no distortions, holding the purity of Source within.  She was having a bit of trouble as it was such a vast mission and of course all the work that’s been done and with the Starlines coming through and to now making a circuit back to their Source greater, greater, greater, greater, Greater Central Sun, the incomings could come in.
She was going through such massive heart stuff physically as well with so many layers of it she had been working through for weeks.  She texted: ‘As one part resolved to reveal another aspect’.
I got that the incomings were waiting for her no matter in the Greater Central Sun, but there was a plug holding it up, but of course timing is perfect. The plug was a variant mutant gene that had got subtly caught in the creation matrix of her being-ness. So as soon as I had finished with the group and they went to have their lunch I spoke to her and made a lot of sounds to clear it, holding the beam as it unravelled.
Later she texted to say ‘she felt the songlines reconnect through the fluid body, through all times and space and into the membranes of the incoming universal form’, as she watched ‘the song of the incomings move through the genetic linages and bloodlines of the past, all peoples, all beings in the universal body.’


      Then it was off to the Craters of the Moon, not far north of Taupo via the Huka Falls. As we arrived I got a call from the boat company we were going out on the lake for noon on the Solstice with, saying the engine had blown and could we come on another day or time. I told her it wasn’t possible we had to be on the lake at noon for the Solstice. She said she had checked out my website and understood and would see what she could do. I knew it would work out and the next day she texted to say it was all on as normal and we had a bigger boat.
But for now we needed to get into the crater area, we didn’t have a lot of time before they closed the gates but as usual it was perfect timing. I had taken the group here last year for the Light Template anchoring as there is an Inner Earth Doorway here and the Elementals are a very important part of the mission.

     We walked past amazing craters with boiling mud, hot steam and ferns and other plants growing there in all that earth heat, it was so magical to behold.
We got to the doorway and sat down on the wooden walkway as I guided everyone into any Elementals within them; for good or negative reasons, and to sort out and also where they live or in the surrounding area. They get trapped because of all the human destruction to their home and so attach to people and create problems. It’s very easy to help them; simply ask them what they need to move into a realm where they will be happy again, and give it to them as a visualisation.

           Then we connected to the Elementals here at the Inner Earth doorway. I asked everyone to communication with them with some leading questions of what role they play for the Starlines coming through. They told me they were so excited, the Starlines coming through means their world will shift frequency and they will become more expanded and able to access the multiverses. They told me they had been cut off for so long. They said “we love the Earth but we wish to return to our original blueprint. This will happen once the starlines have come through and are able to move through Mead Wall, such a celebration”.
I asked the group what they got and they said the Elementals are ‘in liquid gold, holding the frequency, anchoring the Starlines through the Inner Earth’.

                    THE RA AND INNER EARTH SUN CODES
There was another important vortex in the park and we walked around looking at the incredible landscape to another big crater with mud pools, steam, ferns and plants. The earth warm as we sat down on it even though it was a pretty cold day. We connected to the Inner Earth Sun preparing also for the Solstice, the heart of our mother, the Sun that she is the light codes of the solar rays of the New Sun illuminating through both ways. As at the winter solstice the Sun’s rays go right through to the Inner Earth Sun over a few days. It had to be at this time for the Starlines to come right through into the the Inner Earth, heart sun and back to the greater, greater, greater, greater, Greater Central Sun.
We opened through our solar selves and received more codes in preparation for the Solstice, to align us through the Suns all one, through every cell within our body’s, all one.
The energy was pouring through us as we sat for some time on the earth in the RA, the heart.
Then we got ready to leave as a siren went off telling everyone they had 15 minutes to get out.

The Elementals were keeping the rain away, there were two fronts one from the north, one for the south that should of met giving gales and torrential rain but of course that didn’t happen and in fact we didn’t get rain until the last day at Mead Wall again.
We were all excited to be going to the hot stream that lead into the Waikato River as it came out of the lake. We arrived before it got too dark and changed in the toilets and walked down to the stream. As is the case now days there were people there and the main pool with the waterfall was full. So I went over to the next stream and found a gorgeous hole that fitted me nicely, and injoyed the hot water as it steamed gently past me and down a small waterfall and out into the mountain cold river. It was bliss and just what we needed to integrate the day and all the amazing events.

MULTI-D INTEGRATION, THE WATER CODES AND LINKING WITH                                                               THE SPINNER WHEEL FOR THE STARLINES

Tuesday 20th June
mt pihanga20june      It was off to Lake Rotopoumanu the most sacred lake and Mt Pihanga ‘spinner wheel’ for the Earths chakra system where I have been for many missions over the years alone and with groups. And it was more of the preparation for the Starlines with the water codes clear and radiant and the connection to the spinner wheel to send the Starlines out through the Earth grids and vortex and chakra points.
It was the most glorious day, sunny and clear skies, we walked up the track to the crown of the hill that surrounds the small Crater Lake. In the magical forest so lush and Devic wondrous with the Sun shining through in places. Then we followed the track down the hill and turned off to the first beach area at the southern end of the lake with the view of Mt Pihanga. I arrived last and was pleasantly surprised to see this beautiful man in the water doing prayers and in the zone. We quietly made space for him and any others that needed to be there and went and sat under trees with their branches just over our heads. Looking out at the stunning lake and mountain, the forest and the stillness as the place shone in aliveness and light.
We did our connecting mudra then sat in a quiet state as we integrated our multi-d selves into our 3d body, loving and accepting any blocks at whatever dimensions. Until we were in the flow right through our meridians, strange flows, and acupressure points, chakras points all flowing as our multi-d selves integrated through the energy flows of our body’s.
Aware of the light sparkling at each point flowing through, anatomical rebalancing, the vastness of our being in our Iridescent Body of Light. As we looked at the Living Light symbols I had received in 2012 at the source of the Sacramento River at Mt Shasta. We brought the codes through the water of our body, through the water of the lake, the rivers, streams, oceans, pools, water tanks, dams, subterranean water, the snow, ice, clouds, rain water through all our body’s. Aligning the light bodies into liquid light plasma, cleansing the water of all toxins and impurities, allowing the new light codes to harmonise within each molecule, and replenishing and rejuvenating the water in the body. Out through all water receiving the light codes the water was now ready to receive the starlines. We are one heart one earth, one cell, One.

     We had some lunch and it was cold in the shade and glad to move as we walked around the lake through the first with the sparkling water dancing through the gaps in the trees and leaves unit we found a clearing and could sit in the sun and thaw out.

light thru the trees rotopaumanuSPINNER WHEEL
I guided everyone to connect with a leaf, plant, flower, a stone whatever jumped out at them. I have made essences since the early 1980’s and in nature is everything we need, we don’t have to ingest it physically. We can also receive it in love from the plant vibrationally. As we connected with our heart to the plant and became aware of what chakra or chakras we received its love from. If the essences went into any area of our physical body that might need some assistance to balance up. Into our emotional body for any old emotions and positive emotive responses. Into our mental bodies for any transmuting of old programs and belief systems, old patterns. Into our spiritual bodies to assist with anything to do with our experience here to awaken more fully our divinity.  Aware of how many times a day and for how long we needed it. Then asking what we could do for the plant in so such gratitude for what it had given and continues to give as long as we needed it.
We spoke in language of light and get into the zone, as we had been invited to Mt Pihanga. It is not so much a mountain of crystal, but a mountain of consciousness of beings of the Earth and Stars. It is a meeting place and receives and transfers the light through the Earth chakras and grids.
As we move through the doorway on the inner planes and to the mountain where all the beings in so many Light Councils have gathered. Each has some connection to Earth past present future its all one. Meeting about the Solstice with great joy, but also an urgency that we all meet. The Starlines come through from all the star systems of the Star Tribes of Earth and through all planes of existence, beyond into their higher selves and the greater, greater, greater, greater, Greater Central Sun. The spinner wheel was ready to distribute the Starlines.

lake rotopaumanu sunset  We stayed with them for some time as we are prepared further for our mission tomorrow. I was given an energy down through me and told of changes that would take place within me. I also connected to the Skull in Lake Taupo that has to be there for the starlines to come through as at each other place so far. It was places there approximately 10,000 years ago after one of the eruptions, placed by the Arcturians and Pleiadians, for now.

          Then we moved on and walked through the forest until we go the northern beach and out into the Sun again where we ate and rested then I guided everyone to experience their own mudra and in the five levels of the light body and how that relates to us in everyday life, as the multi-d being of light each of us are.
One through the Golden Solar Discs and the living of light creation codes within us. We aligned through the Suns and through the Galactic Centre within us, just as we have in the heavens, all one through every cell of our body. Awakening into the Diamond Light Matrix and Diamond Body of Light. We were ready for the solstice.

We walked back to the car park through the forest and up and down the hills and then drive along the sunset capped mountains. So that those who had never been before could see them in this window of clarity as each time we went to Mead Wall the clouds were covering the mountains. Then it was back for a hot soak in the mineral hot pool.

lake rotopaumanu north beach twilight

lake rotopaumanu north beach group

ruapehu ngauruhoemt ruapehu

I heard from Shelley that they were losing the first one cell pure soul.


sunrise   Wednesday 21st June.  We went down to the old wharf right at the southern tip of the motutaiko islandgreat lake and watched the sunrise. It was a cloudy morning so we didn’t see the Sun, but the pink cloud in behind the rain clouds, but it was still beautiful. Before the Sun rose we meditated on aspects of self not loved within. How we see our self, others, if happy with where we live, work until we loved our self no matter what. As the Sun came up, greeting the Sun, feeling it one with the inner heart sun, as its rays flowed down the Inner Earth  Sun and out to all creation. Everyone meditated on their roles for the Starlines coming through at noon.
It was then back for a quick breakfast and driving up along the lake side to Taupo and down to the boating area at the beginning of the Waikato River. We paid and got on the boat, which was get just the twelve of us plus the captain Ed and assistant Linda. I tuned Ed about where we needed to go. First it was down the lake to Motutaiko Island I was told early in the morning that the Sirians had placed a Diamond there at the December Solstice 2012 for us to receive now for the Starlines to be able to hold through us. So we headed of there and Ed slowed down as we circled the island and we reconnected with our Diamond Light Body and received the Diamond. As it dissolved into us to prepare us for the Starlines but also as a gift for our own personal journey, however they were to unfold within us, it was truly the most special gift.
motutaiko island.2

I knew Ed knew where we needed to stop for our noon alignment I went down into the cabin and made sure he was onto it, and him and Linda asked what we were doing. I told them, they were so happy, Linda thanked me and I said there are many people all over the Earth doing this work or similar. They both were hearted to know what. Then just before I was about to get everyone totally in the zone for the noon contact Linda called out she could see bubbles. I found out later after we had finished that we were parked right over the top pinnacle of the volcano in the lake, Ed and Linda were blown away and asked some of the group how I could know where it was? Of course logically I didn’t know I just knew this was the space we needed to be. The actual centre of the crater I found out was near the island but I knew it had to be where we were and now we knew why.
We connected through the Greater Central Sun as we floated over the pinnacle of the volcano in the great volcanic lake and Stargate. The Sun was out and the air so fresh we could see Mt Ruapehu in the distance at the end of the lake. Not separate from our divine self, one body of light, aligned in divine will and plan with our molecular restructuring through Mead Wall, our body’s resilient and able to flow, our multi-selves integrated, one with the cosmic ocean, fully present in our body, our body of light.

     In our Starlight Body which is a process of connecting fully through the Inner Earth Sun and one with the Earth and Suns through the Galactic Centre within, through grounding more fully and the stars and planets though the chakras, open the diamond light matrix. As we breathed though the diamond doorway of the unseen to open to the Starlight Body. Aware of the Stargate we are, the Stargate vortex we are in, doorway of pure essence codes, the Stargate expressing the manifestation of the void. The Star Tribes all connected in oneness with us. Aware of the role each of us had chosen…


The Starlines come through!!! It happened fast as I knew it would, so full on and powerful there was no way you could not feel them, and out through the songlines, the water, the cosmic
ocean, the liquid light plasma, out through the spinner wheel through the grids, through the Inner Earth Sun. Just as fast the ancient ones left!!! And so many others. I asked who else and told humans, they are still here on Earth, they just moved through as the opportunity was there to move out of the duality dance and into the peace, the stillness and whole new worlds within. They didn’t go anywhere, being here and everywhere at once, but their souls uplifted. The new incomings can now come in, the whole template of life has returned into wholeness. Or soon too once the Starlines move out through Mead Wall to complete the circuit.
We bathed in the energies and the Sun got brighter as the Starlines came through, always a sign. It was all so big.

island mtn
Then Ed headed to the Maori carvings on a cliff face not far from the river outletcarving and wharfs. As we motored there these ducks came out of now where and flew right over our heads. That is the few of us who had stayed up on the top deck. It was so wow, they kept coming back and doing it over and over. So much joy did they bring, of course we found out once we got to the carvings that Linda feeds them, it’s a regular thing the boats do. But still it was so amazing, so were the carvings. Then we motored back into the wharf. We weren’t finished yet.

     I had texted Shelley to see how the baby was, she said “Just as the Starlines had come in so had the incomings, lined up to and embodying the light of Source, the Greater Central Sun. As part of the unified universal form, the fabric of the new creation, they arrived into their specific coordinate points around the Earth. It was a poignant moment of birth-death-birth as the first incoming of the new matrix, conceived during the preparation and implantation of this process on earth, left her form as this was completed.  The baby who carried the first tangible body woven for the new matrix. She is Mary, and her heart is of the Ara, the pathway home for all.  She is infinitely woven into the new fabric, as are all beings and all home realms, the weave of ultimate home, now in form.  And as they all arrive now there is such celebration in the fulfilment and rising into all that is now created.  The design fulfilled, the coherency of the creation beyond all distortion, the one heart pulses through the complete circuitry, an infinite heartbeat of Source existence.”

    We went down by the water’s edge onto a pontoon as the water and codes from the great vortex Stargate lake, flowing through the river and out to the ocean, into the atmosphere through the waters of the Earth. I guided everyone into being honest as to how they see the world with all the issues of duality going on right now to love it within and so be able to hold the BeAm of love and oneness through it all no matter how dark forces, how polluted, how destructive and violent. With the light and codes of the mandala of the Imprint of Peace.

                        THE EXACT TIME OF THE SOLSTICE

We then drove back to the beach on the lake, where we had been on the 19th for the Stargate activation and clearing of the songlines. It was starting to get a lot colder but we knew we would get our reward afterward by going to De Brett’s hot pools.
We did our own mudras and then opened to the divine light through our pineal and other endocrine glands with all the qualities they give us in their full potential and radiance, as we went on the inner planes to see what was going on.
I saw the whole fabric of creation had shifted into higher dimensions. As we embodied it all through into our physical body and the cells, multi-dimensional fully present.
We open to the Second Sun, the twin of our Sun, the doorway of the New Earth, through love that we are, aware of our self already there and here. Aware of how we operate in the new Earth, as we create it with our love and through our thoughts and intentions. The doorway through our heart the choice to be where we choose.
Aware of the standing stones, stone circles, pyramids, golden solar discs, the crystalline grid, light grid, solar grid, the diamond light matrix and unified grid through the cosmic ocean through the Stargate. The starlines all linked as we spoke in light language about what has occurred.
It is so huge what’s happened, the ancient one’s who have left, the incomings in, a complete shift in the vibration through the collective consciousness, old paradigm, new paradigm equals one unified paradigm.
Bringing joy and light into souls who have never known it, uplifting the spirit. It is propelling those who are ready into the New Earth consciousness. A completion of so much, for some the end of the duality dance completely.
Then it was the exact time of the Solstice as we linked up with all the other consciousness ones around the Earth, who were linked to our mission, who are working with the solstice energies in the ways of their heart. As well as all others, as we see them whole, healed, radiant, open hearted, at peace with themselves and unlimitedly abundant as it truly is.

So full of gratitude and love we drove to De Brett’s and got into the hot pools to thaw out and integrate relax and be. Then we had a celebration dinner together.


Thursday 22nd June. It was raining, the Elementals kept it away for us all these day but we obviously needed the water element for our time at the hyper-dimensional doorway once more. We dove all the way back up the mountain. It was cloudy and the rain had stopped as we arrive. There were plenty of learner skiers in Happy Valley below us. We could see the rain coming so got prepared to be in it for some time and walked back around Happy Valley. Past the café and shop and the new chair lifts and then up the path and across the rock field with snow now on it, and up the doorway once more.
We found our places and after connecting to all the guardians and all the beings here for the huge events I was guided to take everyone in to transmute whatever cosmic karma they had going on that could block the work from taking place. Then with the divine light in the endocrine glands and through the cell of the body, resonating and glowing aware of our roles: Myself as overseeing of the project, the ‘co-ordinator of the cycles’, the holographic harmoniser, the oracle/seer, the code keeper, the cosmologist, the crystal guardian, the cosmic messenger, the light energy technologist, the multiverse bridger, elemental systems co-ordinator and the ray balancer still required. Aware of the codes from the diamond on the island in the lake, they were 6D as we brought them into 3D into our body’s to integrate. Opening up to our Starlight body the Stars from the Higher Dimensional Solar System were anchored through us. Aware of the Starlines through us and the hyper-dimensional doorway as we go through,  back to the greater, greater, greater, greater, greater, central sun. Completing the circuit creating one cell through the multiverses and earth.
The Starlines went through with us then we came back and the doorway closed. That was it, a whole new creation coming into existence!!!
It was so huge we sat in the rain in the zone just being and allowing until we felt to move. One of the group with tears of joy told me “this is why I have some to Earth’.
After the Starlines went through the hyper-dimensional doorway and it closed, the gale started as we came down from the wall drenched and freezing but with so much joy in our hearts.

That evening we meet in my unit 13 one last time, as we had our dinner, each cooked their own food and brought it over, too hard otherwise. We injoyed our meals then I took everyone back over the amazing five days of our journey. This mission had been the biggest one ever and everyone had experienced amazing shifts in their own personal journey also. As I was going through it reconnecting everyone on a cellular level as the energy of the Starlines, the Diamond codes, the hyper-dimensional doorway, the Stargate we are anchored more fully.
To integrating into the densest structures of our physical body, in the bones, muscles, blood, nerves, organs, skin and hair we did the mandala and sounds codes of ‘the DNA integration at dense structural levels’ and opened up to our joy and creative expression more fully.


The next morning I said my goodbyes as everyone left to go in the four directions. I still had one last thing to do. I drove down the desert road singing in light language. I was required to do it all the way around the mountain which took me four hours.
I left Turangi at 11:11 aware of a Sirian Light ship with me, in me, I in it, all one. As I was singing and driving suddenly I had to do some very powerful light language singing and felt under attack. I saw myself with all the codes as a vast beam through all worlds and dimensions and knew nothing could stop the mission or me. As I came up from the valley and rounded the corner I saw the signs, that I was now entering the military zone where they trained. That figured, but the attack soon passed as nothing can stop the higher light frequencies and unified matrix, the beam of love and oneness.
As I drove on I came behind a great long truck loaded with new cars and stayed well behind, until it would be safe to pass, feeling such love for the truck driver and for everyone. As he pulled over and I over took I felt so much love and joy for all the love there is from people, all the care, support and what’s really in all our hearts. I started to cry in joy and my heart opened so much more, I sopped in joy and it was with deep breathes and tears, heart so open, I still kept singing. I was told to pull over once we got in front of the mountain. It was raining and the cloud was low so I couldn’t see the mountain but I felt her. I had to pull over get out and hold my selenite sphere to her, the energies were electric, and the mountain was resonating in such love and joy, the sphere resonating so strongly with the energies of the mountain.
I continued on singing and got to Waiouru and turned along the road to Ohakune knowing I had to stop at Tangiwai where the great train disaster happened Christmas eve 1953. The crater lake burst and the water came racing down from the mountain at the time the Auckland to Wellington train was passing on the bridge, as the carriages were swept off the tracks with huge loss of life. I knew I was there to honour and acknowledge those souls on a more human level but also the mountain. On a human level of course a tragic disaster, and as a man standing at the memorial while I was still singing quietly. Told me he knew of a lady who survived, her finance drowned and another man pulled her out thinking she was his finance. To this day she is still affected. On a bigger picture they arrived at that exact second that the great wall of crater water did. It created a doorway to open the hearts of humanity at levels most would not understand only seeing the grief and pain. The souls all taken care of as they passed by the guardians of the mountain and the Angelics who came in. With the news worldwide as the queen was visiting at the time the news went all round the world just as the light codes for the mountain did.
Sometimes that happens when a doorway opens, I experienced that in the Kimberly in north Western Australia when there in 2008. A helicopter with some young local woman crashed right into the vortex at the Bungle Bungles opening a doorway and I came the next day to anchor it fully.

      I continued on singing as I got to Ohakune and then through the town turning to the National Park, I drove back up to Mead Wall. The rain was hosing down and the fog was thick, I was happy to walk back up to the wall if necessary but it was my skulls who wanted to be out on the earth and not for long as I then got back in the car and down the mountains. Past Ngauruhoe and Tongarrio who couldn’t been seen due to all the mist and rain until I completed the circuit. I had taken me four hours of non-stop singing and I felt a bit exhausted and came back to get straight in the hot pool and then lie down.

The circuit needed to be made, creating the centre of the doorway for all to access with a protective ring around it so that no interference can get in. As the starlines have made the circuit from the greater, greater, greater, greater, Greater Central Sun through us and the Earth then back through the hyper-dimensional doorway to the greater, greater, greater, greater, Greater Central Sun to complete the circuit just as I had to make it on the earth plane around the exit point.
We are now not only balanced and in harmony with the Starlines, but our Earth and us are fully linked into the full circuit. The ‘one cell’, just as the incomings can now come through who hold the ‘one cell’ with no distortions. Not possible before as the grids and star alignments and unified matrix wasn’t ready to receive them but can now.
What this means for us personally is that we to can be open to the one cell if we choose. It is fully anchored now right through the multiverses the earth and us.

Thank you so much each of you who were physically there; TaRa, Jagan, Lyn, Paul, Adrian, Elsheia, Malani, Jo, Victoria, Deanne and Diana, radiant ones. Those that linked in, Shelley and all those working with the incomings. Those doing their own beautiful guided expressions of love, everyone who reads this as this is you, it’s all of us, and we choose to be in the unified realms and still in our body injoying Heaven on Earth.
Words are not enough but from the Source within me to the Source within you, in the one heart, thank you for all you are, your presence and love. Such gratitude for all the blessings of each and every one, our beautiful creation, beloved earth mother, the heavens and stars all one.
Love Soluntra.

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Thank you Deanne Hammer for your photos;
side view of Mead Wall, the group at the Craters of the Moon and Tokaanu Wharf, Lake Taupo next to mine of the back of the boat and TaRa greeting Lake Taupo. The rest of the photos taken by Soluntra.

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