New 5D Relationships ~ Shift Our Focus and Awareness ~ June 8, 2018

Rose Rambles...

By Meg Benedicte

While living in the 3D Matrix, an entirely distorted reality dominates the collective consciousness perpetuating human ‘halves’; men and women seeking to unite and merge with each other to become whole again. Men who have yet to integrate all their yin energy are deficient and plugging into women’s sexual energy. Women who are deficient in yang energy are dependent on men for more masculine energy. The 3D relationship is outward seeking, parasitic and taking energy from others. This is not a system that supports human bonding or trust…far from it!

3D relationships are driven by dependency and controlling the other person…leading to fears of loss, repressed expression and deep-seeded resentments. This is a ‘lack program’, creating separation, loneliness and yearning for someone to ‘complete’ us. 3D relationships do not sustain healthy intimacy when both individuals are needy, desperate, lonely and empty inside. Relating in Duality is outdated…

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