Meridian Realigned and Now Integration



Here’s hoping everyone made it through the LASERED Diamond Rainbow Plasma Clearing and Purging over the weekend in one piece😂!!!!

I was shown that this particular wave was realigning our Energy Meridians ( ours and Gaias)….is it went way beyond the teeth, bones down to the very depths of our old outdated programs …

Mucus is an excellent physical carrier of old programs that get purged during these Laser Diamond Clearings….is Flu symptoms. The Meridian realigning would reach deep into your bones, joints, ie aches and pains suddenly cropping up in the body. You might even notice some teeth/ gum issues as I’ve noticed in my sessions of deep Clearings that the Teeth hold the oldest DNA programs.

As we are cleansed and cleared with Diamond Rainbow Laser Light we are simultaneously upgraded with higher cosmic conscious Awarness ( Third eye and Crown ) . Know that Gaias Meridians too…

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