Dismantling the wall to allow love in

Love's Beginning

We would like to go deeply into what happens when you refuse to feel a feeling. We think of the ego or false sense of self firmly establishing itself around age two, but even in the womb, you contracted in reaction to the energy of fear. Your ego-personality is made up of components of all those times you contracted, thereby enhancing the sense of separation. The wall you built up to protect yourself from the world is what we call your personality. There is also your personality-in-differentiation, and that is merely the flavor of you, a flavor that harmonizes with all others. When you give up the wall, you don’t give up the beautifully individuated flavor of your expression.

In moving through the process of awakening, you intentionally dismantle the wall you built to protect yourself because you can see now that it blocks the flow of love that would…

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