Energies of Now: Live Wires in the Muse Pool, and Timely Questions

Sophia's Children

As I write this, the Energies of Now are heavily spiced with Airy, Mental electrical currents and a beautiful now-waning Grand Water (Mystic, Imaginal) Trine, with a tiny bit of Earth and Fire on the side.

Live wires in the Muse Pool.

Did You Experience This …

Last weekend, Venus in Water-element Cancer opposed Saturn, Retrograde in Earth-element Capricorn, stirring both grounded love, caring, empathy, and nourishing and examples of how the punitive Masculine (Saturn Rx in Cap) can ‘act out’ in ways that level, deflate, reject, mock, or otherwise marginalize empathy, caring, and joy. (More about those tactics in the Empaths & Sensitives Series.)

The choice?

Heartfulness over hatred, love and faith over disabling fear, in one way, shape, or form.

Narrow Mind going mano-a-mano with Spacious Mind.

Total Eclipse, Conociendo el Tierra.

In the week since, and now,the “live wire” means a lot…

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