We are not on a Journey Back to Source

Project Starseed

infinityWe are fond of saying ‘We are on a journey back to Source,’ the short answer I have to this is: We never left Source. Not only are we still ‘there’ but we ARE Source right now.

But now for the long answer:

We like to imagine/believe that we know what level we are at in this spiritual journey and therefore how close we are, how ‘advanced’ we are spiritually, indicating our closeness to reintegrating with Source. Sometimes we refer to what ‘density’ we’ve “come from.” This is something to consider: linear time as we experience it – we now believe – doesn’t exist independently of our insistence at perceiving it to be so.  We are now expanding our consciousness and allowing the concept of Infinity to adjust our perspectives to an understanding that everything (past, present, future) is simultaneous. If this is so, all other aspects of…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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