The benefits of tension

Love's Beginning

The slate must be wiped clean so that all that remains is the reality of Spirit, with no filament or trace of egoic consciousness left.
The Way of Mastery, Part Two: The Way ofTransformation, Shanti Christo Foundation

Allowing all things to be as they are is what removes illusion from your sight. In this process of awakening, we learn to shed ideals–apparent pinnacles upon which we insist. Our attachment to ideals leads to an inner criticism commentary that relates directly back to a sense of personal inadequacy. Once we are willing to truly feel and release this, we are able to allow all things as they are. This works backwards, too. If we place our attention on allowing all things to be as they are, we become more able to feel and release that energy from the past related to personal inadequacy.

This is about freeing up…

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