Releasing the Static as We Enter the Grand Union!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

energy fusion

The one thing the field of sneak peaks assured us all yesterday, we have entered the energy of the Grand Union (merger of May/June energies.)  Truly, I still had no clue what that meant, but I am feeling the start of my day yesterday helped to clear that understanding up quite a bit.

When I sat down at my computer yesterday to do my blog, I started to panic because my screen never turned on, it stayed black.  I booted, rebooted, waited 30 minutes, rebooted again, nuttin.  It is funny how the human mind has a hair pin trigger built in.  I instantly thought well, shit, now for sure I cannot go to VA to my daughters wedding.  Its bad enough my tires are bald and I am going to wrap my energy around them to get there, but I cannot, absolutely cannot forgo my computer.  So I do what…

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