Discernment, Part 2: The Floating Self and the Anchored Self

Cosmic Composure

An article by Crystal Little and Doug S., MA, MSW, LCSW

Last week, we introduced discernment as both a way of life (living in liminal space) and a process for making decisions (using intuition and rationality with intention and efficiency). This week we are taking a closer look at ways practicing discernment can teach us how to distinguish between the motivations of our False/Floating Self and our True/Anchored Self [1].

What is the Anchored Self?

The Anchored Self is your True Self. It is who you really are and have always been. Finding our Anchored Self is not about achieving some high level of private morality but

Floating Self, Anchored Self, and Infinite Creator

rather it is about awakening more and more to who you already are. It feels like no-thing because it is not defined by external validations or wounds. It is unwoundable because it is rooted, anchored in…

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