Going Yin: How Women Can Help Men Awaken To Their Feminine

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Great question today during Jelelle Awen‘s Livestream this morning from a woman asking, “How can we (women) help men get in touch with the feminine energy more?”

Whenever Raphael and I have written about the topic of men and ascension/awakening there has been a huge response from women around this very subject. There is a deep desire for men to go into their shadow for healing and to encounter and embrace their inner feminine. Now, I do feel there are many men that are actively engaged in this very thing. However, what seems clear is that it is not quite at the numbers and passion of the numerous women that are feeling so much rumbling in their inner worlds. These women are reporting from an individual and collective perspective.

To address the question “How?” really comes back to what each woman feels within herself. When a woman goes into…

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