Cosmic Intervention Triggers Mindbodysoul Upgrades


There are times in our complicated lives when joy flows like a river, and other times where sorrow threatens to drown us. We learn to navigate highs and lows with measured core balance. We are able to manifest our experience of reality when we realign our chakras, clear blocks and expand our consciousness. Each chakra has its own needs, its own role in our energetic system. Becoming familiar with them, what they channel, can help us grow and evolve. DNA upgrades, cosmic intervention, triggers recalibration of our mindbodyspirit, reconnecting our chakras. Our energetic system clears, balances and aligns.

Karmic release works like an onion, layer upon layer of energetic emotion stuck fast holding our true selves captive at its core. We take the red pill and choose to embrace a journey of spiritual enlightenment. We welcome Zen growth, DNA upgrades and recalibration. The matrix is pulling us everyday into its…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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