Wellbeing, and Why It Matters

Sophia's Children

Wellbeing is a powerful word, concept, and sense-experience. It’s one of the words I consciously started using, and concepts I started exploring, more mindfully a few years ago. I continue to explore and practice into that!

And yet the actual experience, feeling, sense of wellbeing can seem very, very fleeting, and very much dependent on outside forces and challenging circumstances.

Though it can seem so, it’s neither fleeting nor dependent on anything outside of us. Wild, right?

Rick Hanson focuses on wellbeing in his most recent e-message. I’ve appreciated Rick’s work for quite awhile now — his is among several contemporary neuroscience writers and researchers that I follow.

Path through a bamboo forest. Photo by Jamie, Sophia’s Children.

His books include Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom, among others, and he puts out “The Wise Brain Bulletin,” too. His most recent book — just released…

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