A Message to Lightworkers – April 9, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again.

Many have been speaking of Mercury being in retrograde, as we spoke of on the last Abundance Group Conference Call [https://carolineoceanaryan.com/the-abundance-group/].

Many are saying that they find this to be a difficult and uneven time vibrationally, and that they always look forward to Mercury coming out of retrograde.

And this is understandable, yet it is not the entire story.

If you could see your vibrations as we do—oscillating frequencies that are gathering ever higher levels of Light data, and releasing the old density at an astounding rate—you would welcome Mercury retrograde, and indeed all astrological shifts, for all they bring you.

It is possible to see this apparently disjointed time in light of the new, higher forms of Light intelligence now informing your every cell, reminding you of your higher dimensional abilities, of all you are and have been capable in numerous Earth lives, and in the higher dimensions.

It is possible that you will feel many days to be slow and tired, to have given more than you could give, and to not understand the constant demands being made upon you on all levels of your being.

When Mercury is in retrograde, you may find appliances, technology, and both technical and nontechnical communication are affected, as well as your bodily systems—it is a time of stepping out of certain paradigms, in order to see and appreciate others.

Every astrologer has their own view of these matters; we now offer you ours.

It is not possible for most to carry on relating to Mercury at this time without some feelings of hesitation, because its energies are uncovering for you so much that you have been unaware of or prefer not to look at.

Always when a planet, moon, or star is shifting in such a way that you feel disturbed by it—such as a full moon for example—you have unprecedented opportunity to both advance your healing in an area that has been difficult for you, and to use the energies coming to you for your own forward movement in life.

The pre-ancient and indigenous peoples knew of these higher ways of looking at the heavens.

They understood that Earth energies were constantly relating to the energies of planets, moons, and stars, and that there was no need to feel unhappy about any one conjunction, flow, or movement.

They understood the importance of speaking certain prayers or declarations, and performing certain ceremonies at certain times of the month or year, per planetary movement.

They knew, partly by instinct and partly by training of tribe or clan, what energies to use for what form of growth, healing, or higher knowledge they were seeking.

Many retained the star knowledge of their home worlds, or were taught by non-Earth visitors to see inwardly what was occurring in the skies—far more than what your modern-day telescopes reveal.

Now in terms of Mercury being in retrograde, we would say, understand that things feel harder because you are not meant to only progress outwardly in life.

During this time, your inner spirit and higher self are asking you to slow down your physical movements, particularly if you are feeling more tired than usual lately, and to tune in and experience what is happening within.

Possibly your inner child has a message for you, or an ancestor who lovingly watches over you, particularly as you deal with family issues.

Or perhaps your Spirit team of Angels, guides, and higher self have some new healing, information or insight they wish to share, which these energies are perfect to sail in on.

It is important, for one, to connect with and spend more time with Mother Earth during this time. It is also important to seek out as much quiet time for rest and meditation that you can.

Your higher self is allowing you to feel more physically or mentally taxed at this time in part because it needs you to be quiet enough to download a greater understanding of your original “identity,” your true Spirit essence.

And as well, to download a greater understanding of what is happening in the world, and your particular contribution and participation in that.

Now, do not assume that this means you will receive some new information about what you must run out and accomplish by this time tomorrow; this is far more an inner journey, though it affects your outer life in profound ways.

Much of this higher wisdom you are capable of receiving comes directly from your soul. For Mercury in its own way is a sort of Messenger, and its retrograde energies are carrying to you forms of wisdom, inner knowledge, and understanding that might not so easily reach you at other times in the year.

And so open, dear ones, to what this moment brings you, which is otherwise a “walking uphill” sort of time.

Be aware that in every movement within the skies, your higher aspect is always working to bring you a new level of awareness that would not be there otherwise.

So open to it, and welcome it with open arms!

Sit quietly with your Spirit team now, and the energies of this retrograde period, and ask, “What have you come to tell me, friend? Let me hear you inwardly and remember and honor your words. Or simply send me the energies of the higher wisdom that is wishing to come forward now.”

And understand that much comes to you energetically in these times—you are increasingly aware of such—because that form of communication bypasses both the conscious and subconscious mind, except for that part of your subconscious that is in constant connection with your higher self.

This bypasses all interferences, whether of energy forms, entities, or thoughtforms, including the well-worn neural pathways that are used to directing your thoughts in one direction or another, as well as other forms of mental or energetic influence or control.

In other words, it is your pure Essence, your true Spirit that is connecting with these higher forms of Light, and benefiting from them. So be open, dear ones—we would not merely look anxiously at the calendar and look forward to “when it will be over.”

When you have a day or an hour that is difficult, ask as you would ask any challenge, “What is the higher Message here? What have you come to tell me? I am listening, down to the very greatest depths, and up to the greatest heights of my being.”

Then open your hands as to receive, and visualize the Light pouring down through your crown chakra, lighting up every cell in your being—physical, mental, emotional, etheric—up to and including your soul.

And know that we stand with you during this tremendous, demanding time of accelerated growth and higher Becoming.

And that in this, as in all else, you are never alone.

Namaste, dear ones!

You are anchoring the Light of the New Earth, and we are full of Joy to see all you are co-Creating now!

Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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