Nature Walks – Back to the Birds, 03.28.18

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DSCN5896 Tri-color Heron in Flight

Nature Walks – Back to the Birds, 03.28.18

Well, I guess I’m fully recovered from my last bout of illness, this time laryngitis.  It’s been three weeks since I was out on a bird walk so I thought I would test my legs and managed well.

DSCN5889 Female Anhinga

The crowds at Green Cay have moderated a bit.  There were birds and more birds, as well as a gator sighting.  I also got a peek at a Screech Owl, but it was well camouflaged by its setting and my camera was not capable of picking it up against the surrounding dried foliage.  It was very cute nonetheless and I felt privileged to be able to see an owl mid-day.

Green Cay is much bigger than Wakodahatchee, so the animals are more spread-out, but I managed to get a few good photos:

DSCN5890 Tri-colored Heron


DSCN5897 Male Grackle

DSCN5903 Purple Gallinule

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