Jose Arguelles, Timespace and Cosmic Civilization


 Journeying through the Gate of the Dream World,
We find a mysterious stone bridge in the mists:
an Interdimensional Bridge that connects All Time.
There awaiting us is Valum Votan, with a Message from
the Other side of Time.
Receive the message and return to Earth…

In honor of the seven year anniversary of the passing of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan with deepest gratitude for the vision and work that he brought forth to humanity, a special meditation was designed. You are invited to experience the powerful  TimeSpace 6 Ride, now available on Android and Mac.

 Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan was skilled in the art of defining the basic unity which underlies creative diversity. He was able to perceive a wide stretch of universal phenomena  and the Divine Mind that transcends all duality.

Up until the time of his passing on Solar 17 (March 23, 2011), he was still…

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