Reflecting Light In A Darkened World

Reflections of Riverman

2016_03_10_1132_cRbOn My Presence of Light Talk this past Friday I was not really sure what I would talk about which is pretty much usual for me. Having been guided for the past 26 years by my Higher Spirit Self it has always a challenge to the mind of which we deem rational thinking.

My death and return from Light opened many ways of communication which most would look at as bizarre if not down right scary. Even my beloved of over 30 years has learned how to tune me out in order to retain her individual 3D life agreement and honor our Soul relationship.

So here we are “All Of Us” living now in a dimension of existence that is rapidly shifting… Sometimes wonderful and at others calling our fears to rise and be seen as the illusions they are.
Allowing higher frequencies of Light to now become stabilized while…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.