Weave in the Dream ~ We’ve Entered Pisces Land!

Spiritual Warrior Path

It has been an intense start to the New Year with Earth events at an all time high and energy peaking in places that push the Soul to grow like never before. We have just come through a two week eclipse window as well and while we are on the other side, the energy is still reverberating.

There are clear signs regarding what needs to change in your life and what connections need to continue to morph in order to make it. You may also be well aware of what personal changes you need to make in order to support your own evolution.

Every noteworthy piece of progress or any kind of measurable success starts with a vision of where you want to be; it starts with a dream. Four planets peruse the skies in sensitive Pisces this week including the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune, the ruler for Pisces…

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