You are reaching the end of a phase
This is a very important moment
You may still be encountering some challenges
But you are already seeing yourself react differently with more faith
And better understanding of how it all works
You are upgrading 😊
You may still feel tension
As residue of density is being released
Try to find some quiet time
Breathe deeply
And allow the Angelic realms
To help you release
Dont try to reach anything
Breathe Release and Allow the Help
Keep Breathing and Releasing
You will begin to feel the ease
You may even feel tears flow
Let them
This energy in you needs to be released
You will begin to feel lighter
Try to repeat this as you can
The Spiritual realm is here to Help you
All you need to do is Allow
Dedicate some time for this help to be given

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.