New Moon, Solar Eclipse ~ February 15th, 2018 ~ Love, Union and Commitment

The New Divine Humanity

This New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is on February 15th at 5:05 Pm AST.

The impact of this Solar Eclipse including the Lunar Eclipse on January 31st, will continue to play out till  July 12, 2108.

Although a New Moon impact lasts a 28 day cycle, and is a powerful New Beginning (Sun conjunct Moon) with the Solar Eclipse (even Partial) was have a greater more powerful new beginning impact which lasts 6 months.

Since this is a partial Solar Eclipse the Sun will be partially covered by the Moon during the Solar Eclipse. The impact on consciousness is deep and profound and far-reaching.

With Valentines day around the corner ~ we have a building up of and a leading to (for 6 months) the impact of Love that is activated within consciousness during the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on February 15th.

Changes made, shifts and activations…

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