QuoteWorthy: Awakening the Unique Potential ~ Michael Meade

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In his State of the Soul podcast, author, mythologist and storyteller Michael Meade shares this Wise Elder wisdom:

“The heart of the human drama concerns whether we are moving towards a greater life or moving away from it. Either we are growing more soul and becoming a greater vessel for the flow of life or we are shrinking from life and secretly feeding blind instincts and the hungry ghosts. The obstacles, dilemmas and losses we encounter in life’s unending drama either cause us to grow bigger lives or else become smaller people.”

~ Michael Meade, State of the Soul podcast, Mosaic Voices.

Spiral Path in Stained Glass. Public domain image courtesy of Pixabay.

Awakening the unique potentialin all people is especially important to shift or evolve the conformity that mass culture increasingly demands, Meade points out.

Awakening the unique potential of individuals in service to the greater…

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