Choice: The Arena Of Our Growth

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sunset-3132179_1280By Raphael Awen

The whole point of coming to participate in 3D life and this dimension here is not to escape it, or transcend it, but to get the point of it, which has to do with choice. Nowhere else are our choice points so stark, and so greatly leveraged for our growth.

We chose this after all, didn’t we?

In so called higher states of oneness or bliss, we get to feel the source that we are and the source that we came from, and we need these reminders and feeling states, but they are not the arena of our growth.

Your life right now, and how you are choosing to live it, and the beliefs and values you subscribe to, in order to hold it together, or to make changes to it, are where your growth and ‘Ascension’ are most grounded.

I would so rather be in…

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