Kp Message 1-18-18… “Penetrating Energies”

Kauilapele's Blog

This is a note about what I’ve been sensing today, that there are “penetrating” energies coming in, and these are intended to “needle” us into awareness of those things that “need” to be released. Someone I spoke to today has had them in the neck area, I’ve had one in a tooth area (I’m waiting to see if it persists).

My “experience with these things is that usually, as they are not resisted, but rather “flowed with”, they often “pass over”, and any pains associated with the “needlings” subside.

We shall see.

As the most recent GaiaPortal noted, “Nocturnal living is finished”, and this likely includes being “asleep” to what is going on within us, namely, like it or not, we will be awakened to what we need to release, for the benefit of our personal (and collective) Higher Self.

“Nothing to fear… “Penetrating Energies” are here!”

Aloha, Kp

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