Replanting Integrity

Reflections of Riverman

Replanting Intergrity
Hello all… it seems that 2018 has been a non-stop event for me. Even with my intentions of slowing down and focusing on that deep inner well which has more to bring forth for us all to partake of.

The energies seem to keep swirling and although I AM calm in its midst there seems to be a contraction of time which is truly palpable.

So this week’s words from my Angels and Guides were Replanting Integrity and I feel it is something we are all going to be doing either consciously or perhaps as a result of our just reflecting on all the mirrors in the world who are truly allowing us to see ourselves in a very naked state.

Here are the links to the show…
Link to MP3 on yourlisten

Video Link on YouTube

At the end of the show I read a poem which is posted…

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