Personal Integrity is your best form of Psychic Protection – Eliminating Fear Based Consciousness

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As a Registered Nurse I was surrounded by Germophobes, and I was the proudest, most obsessive Germophobe of the lot, my alcohol gel scented handshake was proof of that. After my Kundalini Awakening and training as an Energy Healer I encountered a different type of Germophobe in the Energy Healing world: The Negative-Energy-o-phobe. What I learnt was that in the same way I used to be afraid of germs, many ‘spiritual’ and psychic people were deeply afraid of negative energy, entities and all things that carry a low vibration. So much so that akin to my handbag obsessively packed full of alcohol gels, these individuals used symbols, crystals, ‘golden’ light (I was poignantly informed that white light wasn’t ‘strong’ enough) and they applied certain rituals to clean and protect themselves from negative energy.

This never resonated with me…

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