Nature Walks, 1/11/18 – Back to the Cay

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DSCN5389 Morning Marsh Hen

Nature Walks, 1/11/18 – Back to the Cay

It’s been about two weeks since my last visit to the Green Cay Wetlands.  When I looked out the window today, a bright blue sky and sunlight greeted me, in sharp contrast with some of the rather gloomy weather we have experienced in South Florida of late.  And last week, brrr.  I did get out to take walks in Delray Beach but took few photos.  So, today, it was back to the colorful environs of the wetlands and its inhabitants.


The water levels in the marsh were up considerably, which tends to affect which birds are present.  There were mostly Glossy Ibis, marsh hens, and coots, with some sprinklings of ducks, smaller herons, and some Egrets.  I noticed an Osprey flying overhead, but no other hawks were present.  There was one very fat alligator resting on a muddy shoreline…

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