Energy Update Disclosure 


We’re in a holding cell, caught in a cosmic storm. A giant pause button on our perception of time space continuum has been pushed. We are caught in the eye of the storm. We’re waiting. Heightened consciousness people are waiting and watching, breath held deep. Big steps have been taken towards disclosure of our intergalactic community. Exposure of the depraved cabal is unfolding. What happens next? Do the dominoes keep falling one revelation after another, triggering mass awakening. No more ignorance. No more arrogance. No more turning a blind eye. No more religious dogma. Awakening is happening. Disclosure is happening. Exposure is happening. Who gets their head round this jumps on the cosmic rollercoaster to expanded universal consciousness. Exit the matrix stage left. Welcome to 5d.

Are these moments timeloops? Chances for us to change direction? The Solstice marks the close of 2017. What have we learnt? Who are we…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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