Legion of Light by Leyla

Courtesy of Ascension with Mother Earth

Legion of Light by Leyla – Sound Healing and Uplifting Music

What a delight and pleasure to share the wonderful healing sounds and feel good music by Leyla.  Leyla is also experienced in Reiki energy healing and Kundalini Yoga.  She is spreading the love during this special time of Human Awakening.  Listen and watch her perform her new single called “Legion of Light” which is tuned specifically to heal the Crown Chakra.




Legion of Light incorporates sound healing techniques to assist with aligning and healing the Crown Chakra. Visit lightofleyla.com for more information about the seven chakras and Leyla’s blend of pop music and healing frequencies. Featuring Kathrine Hamer (singing bowls) lightofleyla.com facebook.com/lightofleyla


2 Responses to “Legion of Light by Leyla”

  1. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Thank you. Post updated.

  2. Assistant Says:

    Katherine spells her name Katherine Hamer. Not Kathryn,

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