Overly Woo-Woo Alert

Mystical Journey

Okay, darlings, are you feeling the expansion? Sweats, heart racing, nasty headaches, nausea and some other body spasms?

The last 30 hours or so have been a programming of ups and downs full of lots of emotions. You aren’t going crazy. It’s not the holidays (although retrograde and this season intensify emotions at times). It’s some yummy intense energy in the esoteric realm pushing awareness and waking the body up.

And how do we grow? Through discomfort most of the time. It’s unfortunate but a true observation.

Allow for these discomforts to show up and move on. Don’t overdo it. Be gentle with your body. Be kind to your thoughts. Stop beating yourself up for what you’ve done or don’t do. It’s truly remarkable to be in your spiritual body and recognize that this is not real. You are a spectator of your movies and drama. Do not second guess…

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