12:12 Energies Invite You To Breathe, Go Within

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


Going inward, going Yinward…these energies, these days. To integrate all the gifts of your sacred humanity remembrance offered to you over this year. The ways and rays of the Great Cosmic Sun activating your 5D violet print. The generous Divine masculine gifting and giving.

These Yin energies of 12:12 invite you to breathe in the NEW air that surrounds your BEing. Just to inhale and feel it FILLing you up. To connect to the breath of every moment as it enters and leaves again.

You are invited to hold, connect to, and feel the parts of you that are protective, are scared, are uncertain, are concerned you will get ‘left behind’, are remembering the collapsing worlds and dying dynasties of other timelines. To feel the parts of you that have been sold on False Gods, False Selves, and False lives. To bring them into the REAL…

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