Energy Hygiene: Sound Bath and Serendipity

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There is a lot stirring, and stirred up, in the shared field in which we breathe, move, and have our being.

My heart hurts for my friends and the First Responders in the fire zones in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, and that’s just one ‘hot spot’ in the world just now.

With the challenges and joys of now,and the Season of Lights upon us, we’re always at our most skillful, compassionate, creative, and constructive when we’re able to soothe the agida and calm the Lizard Brain.

Woman and Labyrinth. PD image from pd4pic.

For most of us, that’s deep and daily practice — sometimes easier, sometimes more than a little bit challenging if we’ve been swept off our feet by a Monstah Wave slamming in from out of nowhere. Perhaps you, like me, have experienced one or two of those?

The Dalai Lama has said that…

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