“The more you are rising in your divinity, the more you are maturing, you have to be very careful.”-Shri Mataji (9.12.1991)


Now if you say I believe in Shri Mataji, so what. All right you believe in Me because of certain experiences – still what. Mataji should be in your life – should be in your expression, in your behaviour, in your treatment to others, in understanding each other, and loving each other. That is what impresses people……So now we have to understand that you believe in Sahaja Yoga, of course it is Shraddha (faith), it is not a blind faith I agreed, but still belief has to penetrate into your being.

This belief has to act, has to show results, it has to work out in every way. Somebody might say that we believe in Mataji and she does everything – she’ll do bhakti for us. I should sit down and sing the song of Mataji or what.

So what is going to come from your side, that is what…

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