Becoming Free From The 3D Matrix Through Healing Unworthiness, Judgement, and Disconnect

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


So much distracted focus outside of the self. They taught your 3D Self to always be looking outward. To be measuring your ‘this’ from their ‘that’. To be comparing your worth to theirs and, ultimately, finding yourself lacking or ‘not enough’. Parts of you became masters of this game of self limitation always played out on someone else’s field. The parts inside of you that can judge you BEFORE other people can are the most valuable players of this game. Parts of you may be able to do this so well that you don’t always notice it is happening until that familiar deflating feeling rises up from inside and you don’t know why. Why does it always seem to be there, limiting your sense of what you can do and be?

So much of 3D life is responded to and lived by the Inner Punisher energies, with…

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