December 2017: As Far as the Astrological Eye Can See

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ByCARL BOUDREAUMonday, December 4, 2017

[A quick note: I apologize ahead of time for this lengthy and sprawling post. It was probably the inevitable result of my effort to get a handle on the astrology of our times. As I hope you all know, I try for brief, concisely worded posts, and I had the same goal when I began this post. It turned out to be one of my longest posts ever. I guess I had to go through this stuff sooner or later. And I sincerely hope it helped me get a handle on the current astrological situation.]

From my discussion with others with similar interests, my impression is that most, including those with astrological experience, are having a hard time understanding current aspects and making sense of events. Aspects and the events they cause differ markedly from those we are used to.

National, regional…

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