Nature Walks – After the Rain, 4 November 17

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Blue Dragon Journal


Nature Walks – After the Rain, 4 November 17

Living right next to a busy street, I run a little fan in my bedroom for white noise and ventilation.  So I didn’t hear the rain falling early this morning.  I really wanted to go on another bird walk, so I waited awhile until the skies cleared off, which they do quite fast sometimes.


By the time I drove to Green Cay, the roads were drying.  The boardwalk was still wet in places, but rapidly drying out in the warm Florida sunshine.  “Season” is starting up; there was a bigger crowd than I was used to, the snowbirds are arriving, along with the migratory birds from the northern climes.  Winter is coming.


Every time I go to these wetlands, the cast of characters changes.  As I walked along the boardwalk, I could feel a wave of gratitude for having such a…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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