Energy Shift Update by Tiffany Stiles 

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles

The video link I’ve attached below is a remake of Kasmir by Led Zeppelin. I was drawn to pull this song up today as it brought me back to the lyrics.

But “this video” is a massive synch wink to those who have been working with me on this. Kasmir is a song that I listen to often and have shared it here before. But I have NEVER seen this version of its “future self”, even though it says this was made in 2016. 😉 This is not the full version of the song, and it’s a bit different, which completely correlates with what has/is occurring. So you can look the original version up if you wish.

We have collapsed the timeline of the Annunaki for everyone by integrating and merging those fragments that were in many other timelines holding the false net in place around Earth. We, being me…

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