Eliza: “Feeling the Fifth”

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza:  Feeling the Fifth

This article from Sharman the Pleiadian, via Suzanne Lie, inspired my writing for today:


Last night, as is often the case these days, I wasn’t quite awake or asleep; rather, I was in that now familiar betwixt and between state where my emotional being is more receptive to feeling the higher dimensional downloads that are ongoing now.

How do I put into words a profound feeling of joy?  It was a wave of feeling, a peaceful sensation… and a feeling of being whole, complete and loved.  I felt a unity with those who were assisting me and communicated my willingness to completely surrender to my I AM Presence.  There was no sense of separation; just joy in being held closely to my unseen friends and allies. The feeling, the warmth permeates primarily  the area of the heart chakra,  although sometimes it can feel like all…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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