Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New Moon Phase:  begin, set clear intentions

Moon in Libra

Sun: (after 2:58 pm ET/6:58 pm UT) 28 Virgo – “a man gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he is reading”

True Alignments:  the missing piece, sourcing, inner wisdom, consulting ancient information, seeking an answer, winning, gains

Catalysts for Change:  feeling lost or a loss, incomprehensible, living in the past, secrets, disinformation, ancient knowledge allowed only to the few

Earth: (after 2:58 pm ET/6:58 pm UT) 28 Pisces – “light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism”

True Alignments:  breaking down a task or issue into parts, analysis, myriad of possibilities, gaining insight and clarity, journeys, fluid, letting the sunshine in

Catalysts for Change:  overdoing or overthinking, emotionally shattered, loss of joy, rigid parameters and routines, refusing to see the light/truth

Welcome to the New Moon in Virgo!

Later today the Sun will move from it’s New Moon degree of “a bald-headed man who has seized power.”  This energetic is in effect all month long, but strongest until 2:58 pm ET today, when the Sun will move to “a man gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he is reading.”  It is wise to seek some ancient knowledge while we are “carpe diem-ing” today.

When the energetic of “a man gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he is reading” is in effect, it is a good idea to go back to the tried and true sources of wisdom to see what they have to say in the light of this day.  Ancient knowledge grows with us.  It is evergreen.  It is only “secret” until we discover it.  What is your go-to Source material?  Most likely this or some other material is calling you.  Follow impulses and synchronicities that direct you to listen or read something today.  This will help uncover what we need to know right now.

The degree of the Earth, “light breaking through into many colors as it passes through a prism,” tells us to break things into their simplest parts in order to understand or solve them.  If you are experiencing uncertainty, questions, or a feeling of inner emptiness, look at the individual components of the situation and then try to see how they fit together.  Light will shine to help you see a bigger picture.  Beauty shines through with this symbol, which perfectly ushers in the month when the Mahavidya Shodashi, Goddess of Beauty and Goddess Who Aligns With Our Highest and Best, is at our side.

Over the next two and a half days while the Moon transits Libra, it will amplify the current Jupiter-Uranus opposition.  In the New Moon recording, I discussed that Jupiter + Uranus = Big Changes.  Things are likely to come out of the blue and change rapidly.  Uranus does not make changes unless it is necessary, so we can trust where they are leading.  (We really can.)  Jupiter and Uranus will make exact opposition on September 27/28, when changes will be strongest.

Yesterday I recorded the New Moon in Virgo overview (and answered questions submitted by wise owls) and joined Phoenix on his show to discuss the Revelation 12 Sign/September 23, the astrology of Trump, Kim the Rocket Man, and Hillary Clinton, and the awesome opportunities available to us.  Many wise owls have already listened to these and said they were some of our best ones yet.  These two recordings are posted on the homepage of Oracle Report if you would like to listen.

The Moon in Libra advises us to return to beauty and balance.  That sounds like a good plan today.

Much love to all!