Magical Scotland – Recounting Sacred Journey ‘Into No Time’


New Moon Greetings!

The Pleiades promised us a fun and timeless retreat in Scotland. As it turned out, they actually delivered even more! Together with the ancient energies dwelling there, including the Druids, the Green Man and Avalon Priestess Coleentina, the Pleiades not only gifted us introspective teachings about time and space, they also created a magical journey for our group of 24 joyful souls.

For tour itinerary, read HERE. For channeled messages on tour theme,  visit blog On-A-Lighter-Note.

Tour Highlights

I am sure there were many ‘wow’ and ‘ah-ha’ moments experienced by the group as we connected with the various sacred sites and, just as importantly, interacted with each other. I could publish a book just sharing my experiences alone! For now, I thought the following impactful connections might be worth sharing:

1. A Star Baby Among Us

Lily, literally the star in the group, celebrated her 1st birthday…

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