Depression and Spiritual Awakening – TED Talk, Lisa Miller

Sophia's Children

Thanks to Persephone Rose for sharing this on her Spirit Garden blog.

Lisa Miller’s story and message will resonate with many who’ve walked the challenging yet hallowed ground of initiation, graceful messages, and spiritual awakening that shifts perspective and our own trajectory.

I recognized much, in one way or another, from my own Underworld and re-emergence experiences (and much shared here at Sophia’s Children reflects the insights and wonderings gathered along the way).

“Depression as a porthole to a world of connection, a world of love, a world in which we walk the spiritual path.”

and …

“The spiritually engaged brain vibrates at the frequency of the Earth’s crust.”

There are similar findings about those who’ve experienced various “epically transformative experiences.”

Have a look and listen if it calls …

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