Understanding Predictions and Determining Possible Futures

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An interesting post on     opens us to discussion about predictions and changing possible futures.  Here’s a quote from the post, including PeaceNowFlower’s link to one of her sources:

Making Sure Bashar’s Predictions Are Wrong – Intuitive Voyage

The things Bashar describes as coming, do not seem like a cake walk.  So I am intent on changing the future to a more Joy filled one, without humanity having to learn from more suffering first.  I looked at the predictions, and I intend to change the predicted changes. Here is a forum post on the predictions in case you want to know why I am saying they are not peaches and cream.

Bashar is an alien from planet Sassani, channeled by Daryl Anka.  For the purposes of this article, believing Bashar or anything about him isn’t necessary.  This is a piece on predictions and changing outcomes, not channeling or aliens.

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