Telepathic Road by Carolyn Thompson

Enigmatic Healing

TR1When I was very young, I could ‘talk’ to the unseen and know things beyond my years which, in fact, scared my parents greatly. I had to learn (the hard way) to stop giving them information that seemed out of the ordinary, but as a young child, I had no idea what ordinary was. I did not know the word “telepathy” but the ability came to me naturally.

Being so connected to who I am was, at that age, was actually a hardship within my family. I have memories of my father squatting down in my face screaming at me, as a 2 year old, telling me my visions were from the devil. I did not know what the devil was. All I knew I was being screamed at by my father whom I loved with all my heart. He was so mad his face was bright red and spattering…

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