Kp Message 170810… “Leaving the ‘Dark Exposure’ to others”

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Yes, I’m currently unable to keep looking at all of these multi-thousands of posts by whomever whatever about exposure of this, exposure of that. Not my arena of operation.

I’m feeling it’s all just a distraction for me. And I’m happily just allowing all those to pass on by my consciousness. I see them. Then immediately release them. Including the”exposure” energies associated with them. It is not mine to deal with at this moment.

So there.

For myself, it’s about The Energies. And following The Energies that are”put there” in my consciousness to be aware of. That’s what I’m doing now. No computer, no TV, no Hulu, no Netflix, no listening to people… just listening to the gentle rumbling of waves near where my car currently rests.

That’s about all for now.

Aloha, Kp

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