A Highly Sensitive Person In Relationships ~ Empaths

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles

A Highly Sensitive Soul In Relationships ~
Empaths 💖🍃💖 by Tiffany Stiles

A person who is so sensitive and in tune to not only the energy that reverberates throughout the cosmos to Earth, from feeling everything random strangers feel, to being so in tune to those that we are closest to, so much so, that you can’t get anything past us. An Empaths purpose is to Feel to Heal, to transmute lower vibrational energies to higher ones simply by being in another’s presence. An Empath is the embodiment of love, light and peace, because anything less than that wrecks havoc on our sensitive nervous systems. It is imperative that Empaths surround themselves with calm, loving, peaceful, go with the flow people. If not, they will “people please” until they are drained, if they have not yet learned to say no. If an Empath ends up in a relationship with an…

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