Sophia Love 8-2-17… “As we shift – it’s not about money”

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Sophia Love

I mentioned this article in the previous post. What Sophia outlines here emphasizes the importance of what is being exposed (in the location, DC) about the entire system. This may be helpful to many in understanding the full picture.

Not sure how much I will be actively “following” the day to day events, and I likely will not. I am following my own particular I AM Guidance. I know many will follow their own Guidance regarding this as well. And I am quite sure this is what Heather would recommend.

Should any wish to donate to Heather to help pay fees, attorney costs, etc., please do the following (found on the I-UV update page):

“If you would like to make a contribution to HATJ’ lawyer and court fees please click on this link Please include a note that say for Heather, or…

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