Nature Walk 3 August 2017 – Dog Days of Summer

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Blue Dragon Journal


Nature Walk, 03 August 2017 – Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Star or Sirius is at its rising this time of the year.  And the weather is at its most humid and sticky.  Although the temperature was cooler than what passes for “normal” around here… 79 F rather than a sticky 83F, my bare arms were still gleaming with sweat after a half mile walk.  What can I say?  It’s Florida.  It’s summer and it’s sticky.  Live with it.

The bird population has dwindled in both of my favorite and nearby wetlands.  The wood storks have departed for unknown regions, perhaps further north.  I have seen them at Hilton Head Island, in South Carolina.  With their departure, the wetlands are much quieter.  There still plenty of birds to be seen, mostly Anhingas, cormorants, herons, egrets, ducks, marsh hens, gallinules and some Ibises.  The concentration of birds seen especially in…

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