170803 What is going on with Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf???

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[Update: this article by Sophia Love also explains a lot, and why this case is BIG (…baby!).]

This “senses” to be a major event. The arrest of Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf.

I’m posting this now as it seems there’s a court deal for Heather on Friday. In Washington DC. Heather and the (now dissolved) OPPT group (feel free to Kp blog search “OPPT”) filed UCC documents back in 2013 that dissolved all corporations, governments, etc., etc., and released all humanity from bondage to those entities. I’ll likely go into more later.

Check here for details and more articles on this. Heather was arrested on 7-24-17. Check here for updates on what’s going on. Full link:


Here’s a short video that seems to gives the gist.


And below is a longer one that is a bit drawn out, but may explain other details.


I know there’s…

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