Kp Message 8-1-17… “The Guidance is always Inner”

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At this time, it seems there is an intense pressure for change. Release and change. And I’m sure many will feel this as the old world collapses and the New World unfolds (and you can replace the word “world” with “paradigm”, and get the same meaning). Releasing of the old and aligning with the new… outer, inner, and all that business.

I feel there will soon manifest many things that the “awake to Higher Dimensions” will understand, the unconscious among us will not understand. Possibly a “freak out” or two will be observed. Actually many of these are already manifesting.

It seems many are embarking on new pathways, and/or moving to new Earth locations. It’s possible that could occur with me as well. I’ve felt several inner pokings that indicate that may be the case. As a flowing type BEing, I am always aware that my Earth location does not…

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